Photo Gallery

12/23/19 Fr. Pedro and Efrain enjoying the food in Simbang Gabi Celebration

12/23/19 Having a good time enjoying the food

12/23/19 The community of Mt. Carmel celebrating Simbang Gabi

12/14/19 During the party the community enjoyed the Nativity of Jesus

12/14/19 The Community enjoying the Party

12/14/19 Our Kids Choir were singing Christmas Carols

12/14/19 Our Delicious Christmas Cake

12/12/19 Parishioners gathered to celebrate Virgin of Guadalupe.

12/12/19 Amilcar singing Las mañanitas to Virgin of Guadalupe.

12/12/19 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe.

12/11/19/ OLMC Seniors ladies having a great time at the Christmas Party.

12/11/19 OLMC Seniors celebrating Christmas with Fr. Michael O.

12/7/19 Rosarians Christmas Party at Ercolanos.

12/1/19 Parishioners enjoying the concert.

12/1/19 Ambiorix Padilla singing all his hits.

                                                                               12/1/19 Parishioners enjoying “La nueva Uncion” music.

11/28/19 Parishioners enjoying Thanksgiving

11/28/19 Thanksgiving Desserts

11/28/19 Thanksgiving Cake

11/28/19 Thanksgiving Lunch at Our Lady of Mt Carmel – Praying

11/16/19 Appreciation Dinner to Our Lady of Mt Camel’s Feast Volunteers

11/16/19 Father Pedro welcoming and thanking our Volunteers at the Appreciation Dinner

11/16/19 Volunteers at the Appreciation Dinner are attentive to Father Pedro’s feast report

11/16/19 Our Parish Hall was beautifully decorated by our parishioners and we had a full house for the Appreciation Dinner

11/10/19 We celebrated Our Pastor, Father Pedro Repollet’s Birthday!

11/10/19 Happy Birthday Father Pedro!! May God bless you and grant you many more!!

11/10/19 We want Cake!!

11/10/19 Parishioners gathered at our Parish Hall to celebrate Father Pedro’s Birthday

11/10/19 Celebrating Father Pedro’s Birthday

11/08/19 Our Parish attended Saint Luke Production presentation of Vianney Drama Play

11/08/19 Vianney Drama Play was presented at Felician University of Lodi, NJ

11/08/19 Vianney Drama Play scene

11/08/19 Our Parishioners cooking dinner before the Vianney Drama Play

11/08/19 Our Parish Hall welcomed parishioners to a light dinner before attending the Vianney Drama Play

On July 16th 2019, Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Our Pastor Fr. Pedro Repollet and Fr. Tomasz Mazurek after Mass greeting the pilgrims

On July 16th 2019 at 4PM – Our Lady of Mt Carmel is walked from the Church onto Broadway to start the procession.

July 16th 2019 – Our Lady of Mt Carmel’s procession begins.

July 16th 2019 – In front of our Church

July 16th 2019 – Along Broadway at the sound of trumpets

July 16th 2019 – Walking with Our Lady of Mt Carmel

July 16th 2019 – They came to celebrate Our Lady of Mt Carmel

July 16th 2019 – Devotees come every year for the Pilgrimage. Come join us next year!











Our Fashion Show on 6/22/19 was a great success! All funds will be used for repairs. Pics from left to right: #1 Parishioners posing. #2, 3, 4 and 5 Walking the Passerella in The Parish Hall